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sábado, 24 de abril de 2010

Survival story (1r premio St. Jordi)

If my uncle hadn’t invited my family, I wouldn’t have got lost in the coldest mountain in the world, I think. My uncle insisted that I wouldn’t have been a man if I hadn’t hunted an elk. When my little sister heard this, she cried a lot because she thought that we would go killing Rudolf. However, the rest went to a freezing Hell very happily.

The problem began when my father explained that I had forgotten the snow chains. The problem grew up when my mother warned that snow began to fall. The problem reached the highest point when my sister shouted very loud and my aunt wondered why God punished them.

I have been in pain for the crash. We were very lucky because we wore safety belts. My father admitted that the car had broken. My mother blamed my father for his forgetfulness. My aunt accused my uncle of the accident. My uncle encouraged them say that he knew this zone. He lied, but it’s true that this place is a park for hunting and has some ranger’s houses.

My mother stayed inside the car with my sister to have fun by reading Keats’ sonnets. My father waited for to come a car the road and ask for help. My aunt made a sandwich. My uncle and I went hunting…but this part of the mountain was very dangerous and we fell down in the snow.

My uncle sprained his ankle and he couldn’t walk. He said that I was being good. He lied again. However, if he hadn’t said this, I would have been worried. He couldn't walked yet. He gave me one of the two water-bottles, one lighter and some food. He gave me survival advices. I promised to search help.

When I returned at night, he had already disappeared. I followed a path of snow and discovered a cave, our shelter. By the time I arrived, the fire had already been made. He used a tarpaulin as a door and we tried to isolate ourselves from the cold. I explained we hunted and we ate a hare.

When I woke up I urinated in the forest and when my uncle saw my he shouted me, “NO!”. He suggested keeping in a pot all the urine for when water was finished, on the third day. He kept snow in water-bottles and he warmed them up with a lighter for the snow to melt. Moreover, he added some urine because it has minerals and it is hot. That wasn’t the worst, just wait.

We rationed food because every day I went hunting, but I didn’t succeed every day. At night we told horror stories and we slept together to keep us warm. Moreover, I took firewood and he made fire. My uncle is a survival expert. Moreover, I made signals with fire out of the cave.

The first days were good but from the sixth day the weather became a blinding and strong snowstorm and I couldn’t go hunting. If the weather had been good, we wouldn’t have gone mad. On the eighth day the problems began . We didn’t have food or firewood. We were bored and mad ideas grew up in our minds. The hunt rifle was in the middle of us. Eye to eye contact, maddened eyes. When I swallowed saliva, he had already taken the rifle. I don’t believe in God, but at that moment I prayed. Suddenly, I closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes, he had already broken the rifle. He said that it was better. Moreover, he used the gunpowder to make a little fire.

On the ninth day the snowstorm ended. The first I did was to take firewood because we were very cold. Next, my uncle taught me to make traps. That night we could eat. The tenth day a rescue team found me when I was trying to hunt hare. I explained this story and they helped us.

Since then I have hated the mountain and arms. If these days hadn’t happened, I would have been huntsman on holidays with my uncle. I tell that my uncle hasn’t invited me to go hunting again. My uncle apologizes for all. My psychology insisted that I had confronted to my fears, the problem would be worse, maybe to overturned, but I preferred not to listen.

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